How to Make a Booking

To make a booking, follow these steps:

1. Get a quote: Start by obtaining a quote for the service you require. This will provide you with the pricing details and other relevant information.

2. Purchase the quote: Once you have selected a quote, proceed to buy it. The quote will then be added to your Quote page.

- Ensure that all the information on the quote is accurate and complete. Any missing details will be highlighted on the screen.

- The Confirm button will be disabled until all the required information is provided.

3. Confirm the quote: Click on the Confirm button to finalise the quote. You will receive a notification confirming that the quote has been successfully purchased.

4. Download labels: After confirming the quote, proceed to download the necessary labels or any other required documentation.

5. Book a pick-up: Once you have downloaded the labels, you can proceed to book a pick-up for your shipment or any other relevant action.

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