Configuring Products


FreightExchange gives you the ability to create and manage your product settings for easier fulfilment and compliant documentation. You can also use this information to track orders and inventory while in transit.

  1. How Products Work
  2. Definitions
  3. Step by Step Guide
  4. Step by Step Guide in Pictures

How Products Work

We require products to be configured for all international shipments. Products can also be used when quoting and dispatching from your online store.


SKU/ASN/IDSKUs or other unique product identifiers. Use this field as unique identifier for all of your products.
HS CodeHarmonised System (HS) tariff codes are required for all international shipments so you can avoid customs fines, reduce customs delays, and create your Commercial Invoice document.
Product DescriptionUse this field to describe your products.
WeightEnter the weight of the product without the added weight of the packaging. This is required when shipping internationally.

This is the unit price for the SKU or product. For international shipping, customers use this to decide whether your goods are subject to 

Country of ManufactureThe country of origin is basically the place your goods were produced in. For international shipping, customs use this field to decide whether your goods are eligible for import, and/or subject to any extra duties.

Step by Step Guide

To add a new product:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Product
  2. Click on the "+Add New" button
  3. Enter the product details including the SKU, Product Name, Harmonised Code, Dimensions and Weight
  4. Click Save

Step by Step Guide in Pictures

Navigate to Settings > Product

Click on the "+Add New" button.

Enter the product details. This includes the SKU/ASN/ID, HS Code, product name, product line ID, weight, its value, countru of manufacture and pickup location. 

Click Save to confirm.

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