If you have an Australia Post and/or Startrack account you can set-up your FreightExchange account to receive quotes, print labels and track shipments.

There are two steps to getting set up:

Part 1: Set-up an integration between your Auspost or Startrack account and FreightExchange

Part 2: Set-up your Auspost services and rates in FreightExchange

Part 1: Get your Auspost and/or Startrack API Key

    1. Navigate to

    2. Either sign-up or login to the Australia Post developers centre

    3. Fill out the below registration form

    4. Once complete, Australia Post will send you your API key & Password

Part 2: Set-up your Auspost & Startrack services & rates in FreightExchange


You can load your rates by following the Rate Management instructions

    2. Your FreightExchange account manager will load them for you!

    3. Send your pdf or excel Services Agreement to