This article describes the steps to be taken to connect your Toll IPEC account to FreightExchange. Once this process is complete you will be able to create shipments using your Toll IPEC account.


In order to complete this process you will require full details of your Toll IPEC account. You will also require Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF VIewer.

The process

Start by downloading the Toll IPEC Etrader Request Form that is attached to this article. Complete all the fields outlined in red. Please do not change the pre-filled entries in the following fields:

  • Request type
  • Dispatch software
  • Pricing file required
  • Label type
  • Special instructions

Once you have completed all the red fields save the document to a new copy, replacing FreightExchange with your company name in the filename. You can leave Request Install Date blank. Do not click the "Submit request" button on the form.

Once the file has been saved please email it back to us and we will progress the process with Toll IPEC on your behalf.