1. Login to your online account at https://app.freightexchange.com.au/login.
  2. From the Manage Booking Screen, click on the booking you wish to get the proof of delivery for.
    The booking details will be displayed on a new tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Timeline information.

    If the freight has been delivered. The status will clearly show as DELIVERED. If a proof of delivery (POD) has already been received from the carrier, it will be uploaded automatically on your booking.
  4. Click on the OPEN ICON.

    The POD will be displayed on a new tab.

    Note: POD may take up to a week from the delivery date to be retrieved from the carrier, especially if it was handled bu an agent/onfrowarder.  Kindly contact customer service in case you still fail to see one after this time, but would require a copy so we can follow up with the carrier.