Steps to complete the rate sheet template

The courier rate sheet template has five tabs which must be completed:

  1. Courier
  2. Rates
  3. Zones
  4. Services
  5. Categories

1. Completing the Courier tab

Here's an example of a completed Courier tab:

Internal E-mailThis is the email address that will be use to send booking requests and discussion notifications to this address.
NameThis defines the name of the carrier throughout the system. Please ensure this is accurate and correct.

The naming convention is:
[Carrier Name] [Service Type]

Service Type = PRM, EXP, Overnight, FPP etc.
Fuel Levy

Fuel levy in decimal points. Example above shows 13.01%.    

Vol. Div. (Volumetric Divisor)Some carriers will provide you with a "cubic" value instead of the divisor. Cubic essentially means how much per m3 of freight will be charged minimally even if it is lighter.

Example: Vol div. 3000. Freight is 100x100x100cm and weighs 200kg. If going by KG rate, it is still going to be charged as a 333kg as the minimum charge for a m3 is 333kg.

Example 2: Vol div. 3000. Freight is 40x40x40cm and weighs 2kg. Going by the formula provided below, the chargeable weight is 22kg (rounded up from 21.33kg).

Cubic   Vol. Div

500 -> 2000

333 -> 3000

250 -> 4000

200 -> 5000

167 -> 6000

Calculation method for vol divisor, trial and error method: (100x100x100) / vol. divisor (3000, 4000 etc)        

Calculation method for chargeable weight:

(L x W x H in cm) / vol divisor = chargeable weight in KG


The answer you get will be equivalent to "cubic". If divided by 3000, it will give you 333 etc.    

OwnerEnter your company Id.
CurrencyThe currency code that this carrier sets their rates in. Use the three character code, e.g. AUD, USD.
AliasThe alias name of the courier company being used. Please refer to the table below for the aliases to be used.

Carrier Company Name
Australia PostAUSPOST


2. Completing the Services tab

Below is an example of a completed Services tab:

Detailed instructions:


Internal NameName it as company_carrier_type (carrier / sales) . E.g. COMPANY_NAME_COURIER.

Must be all in CAPS and also underscores MUST be included. If there is more than 1 service (e.g. overnight and express service) for the same carrier, you may create another line.
Display NameGive it a defined name with the same format as above.

If this service maps to an integrated carrier service, you MUST place the correct CARRIER SERVICE CODE here.

Example 1:

The CARRIER SERVICE CODE for TNT Road Express Service is 76.

Example 2:

The CARRIER SERVICE CODE for Couriers Please 500g, 1kg, 3kg & 5kg satchels are PS0 PS1 PS3 PS5 respectively

Origin CountryTwo digit "country of origin code".

View the list of country codes.
Service TypeOne character code, either:

ShipmentTypeOne character code.

If left blank will default to N.

This field defines whether the rate applies to a 'documents only' shipment (eg letters) or anything.
PerItemCalculationWhether the rates apply per consignment or per item. For example, Fastway charges for each item, whereas TNT charges the total of all items.

True if going by ITEM or PALLET rate, if going by KG rate, put FALSE.
Service CategoryFE defined service levels 1-8. Use 8 for a budget parcel service and 1 for VIP immediate airfreight for gold bullion. Most courier services will be 8. Default to 8 if unknown.
BookingCutOffThis is the carrier cut-off time in HH:MM format. i.e. the time after which the carrier will not accept any new pickups for the day.

Default to 23:59 if unknown.
DeliveryTargetTimeDefault to 17:00. This is the time by which the carrier generally completes deliveries. HH:MM
PalletQtyDecisionThis column is required only for Pallet service and specifies how the pallet quantity is determined based on pallet dimensions. For non-pallet service, enter one of the below values as you can't leave this field empty.

Accepted values are:
TimeDistCalculationThe method used to calculate time and distance. This value is required only for time-based services. Leave it empty, if it is not a time based service.                                      






TimePrecisionFor TIME rates this is the number of minutes in a block of chargeable time. E.g. if a carrier bills per 15 minutes enter 15. This value is required only for the time-based services. Leave it empty, if it is not a time based service.                   


3. Completing the Zones tab:

Below is an example of a completed Zones tab:


Zones can be uploaded in several ways. 

The way shown here is that each postcode has its own line. Duplicate zone names and description are fine as long as postcodes do not duplicate. For e.g. any booking leaving from 4000, 4010 or even 4051 will be considered as under BNE. It is highly recommended to use the same name for both zone name and zone description so you do not mix it up. 

Service name MUST be the same as internal name in services tab.

Service NameThis field must match the Internal Name from the Services tab
Zone NameThe carrier defined name for the zone then use this. For example could by Sydney or SYD depending on the carrier.
Zone DescriptionThe carrier defined description for the zone then use this. For example could by Sydney Metro or Sydney.
Country Code2 character country code for the zone. For example, if the zone is is Australia, the CountryCode will be AU.
Initial Post CodeThe initial postcode for the zone. For example, SYD may cover post codes 2000 to 2100, the initial postcode will be 2000
Final Post CodeThe final postcode for the zone. For example, SYD may cover post codes 2000 to 2100, the Final Post Code will be 2100
SuburbThis is rarely used. Populate this field when the carrier has suburb specific zones.


4. Completing the Rates tab:

Below is an example of a completed Rates tab:


Detailed Instructions:


Service NameMust be identical to the INTERNAL NAME in the services tab.
Origin Zone NameThe corresponding zone name in zones tab. E.g. BNE

Must match the Zone Name in the Zones tab
Destination Zone NameThe corresponding zone name in zones tab. E.g. BNE

Must match the Zone Name in the Zones tab
Unit of MeasureUnit of Measure - accepted values are KG, PALL, TIME, DISTKM
Basic RateBasic rate charged for consignment. This is usually available in the rate sheet provided by the carrier. Chargeable only ONCE per consignment as a base rate. 
Basic QuantityHow many pallets / KG is included in the basic rate. Default to 0 if none is included.

The only available option are:


Supplementary Basic Rate

If the carrier charges a different basic rate for items after the first enter it in this column
Supplementary Basic QuantityThe number of kilos or pallets included in the supplementary basic rate.
Additional RateHow much per pallet / per KG. If 1 pallet is $70, it should be entered as 70. Do NOT mark up. 
Additional QuantityHow many pallets / KG does the additional rate cover? If charged per pallet / KG, enter 1. 
Min PriceMinimum price per consignment
Max QuantityMaximum amount of pallets / KG that can be sent. Default to 22 for pallets and 99999 for KG if unknown.

For tiered rates, the max. quantity should be adjusted accordingly.

For e.g.

1-3 pallets $100 per pallet
3-5 pallets $90 per pallet
5+ pallets $80 per pallet

The max quantity should be 3, 5 and 22 respectively. 22 is the maximum number of pallets that can be taken on a semi truck.
Valid FromPut today's date (i.e. the day you are uploading). This way, tech can expire any old rates for yesterday's date. 
Valid UntilPut an expiry date far away, if uploading rates in 2020, put 31/12/2021.
Max LengthMax. length for freight travelling via this carrier. This may be different from max pallet dimensions below as it covers cartons etc. If carrier is a pallet carrier, enter the same limits for this and pallet. 
Max WidthAs above
Max HeightAs above
Max Pallet WeightMaximum pallet weight accepted by the Couier. Applies only to pallet rates, you must get this information from the carrier. Different carriers have different restrictions but rarely above 1000kg.
Max Pallet WidthMaximum Pallet Length accepted by the Couier. Must be provided by carrier in cms. Standard pallet dims are 120x120cm.
Max Pallet HeightMaximum Pallet Width accepted by the Courier. Must be provided by the carrier
Max WeightMaximum CONSIGNMENT weight, can be used where there is a maximum weight per consignment for units of measure other than KG
Max Item WeightMaximum weight of any ITEM that will be accepted on this rate. Currently only used for TIME and DISTKM rates.
Max Item VolumeMaximum volume in M3 of any ITEM that will be accepted on this rate


5. Completing the Category tab:

ServiceMust be identical to the INTERNAL SERVICE name in the Services tab.
CategoryCheck short description for "category" below.
SubcategoryCheck short description for "sub-category" below.

Note: You can leave EVERYTHING blank if you are doing rates for general cargo. 

Category Short Description
Sub-category Short Description
Pallets & PackagesPPSPalletised or Packaged FreightPPF
Pallets & PackagesPPSParcels & Small PackagesPSP
VehiclesVEHBoats / YachtsBYS
HaulageHAUHeavy Haulage & MachineryHHM
HaulageHAUBuilding & Industrial MaterialsBIM
RemovalsREMHouse & Office RemovalsHOR
RemovalsREMHousehold GoodsHHG
BulkBULBulk Grain & FeedHGF
Special HandlingSHGArtART
Special HandlingSHGElectronicsELC
Other FreightOFSHayOFR
Other FreightOFSBulkBLK