Dangerous Goods (DG) settings for customer accounts are disabled by default.  That means that any customer who wish to send a DG freight will need to request activation initially. 

Once activated, customers may refer to the following steps in getting a quote and booking their DG freight.

1. Open the expanded booking form by clicking the hyperlink on the blue box of our quoting page or click on this link: https://www.freightexchange.com.au/secure/showInternalQuoteForm

2. The expanded booking form will come up with DG details required.

3.  Make sure to enter the DG details on the required field.

* The UN Number, Class, and Packaging Group will be on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which usually comes from your freight manufacturer. 

4. Complete the rest of the booking details and then click on Get Prices.

5. Once quotes are generated, you can proceed to book in the job by selecting your preferred quote.  

* Please note that DG documents will be required once your booking is received.  Some carriers have specific DG forms that need to be filled out and attached to the booking before shipping labels can be issued.  

As most commercial drivers do not bring paperwork, customers are also required to attach all DG documents to their packaged freight so it can travel together with it.