Our software is backed up every 30 minutes

The data for our platform is stored on resilient storage that's replicated across AWS data centres in Australia and the US. The source code for our application code resides in Bitbucket.

Our code and data is backed up every 30 minutes. All backups are encrypted. 

You can refer to the Bitbucket and AWS backup pages for more information on how those platforms manage their own backup procedures.

Our software is recoverable within 30 minutes

In fact, this is a worst case scenario.

We estimate that our software can be currently be recovered within minutes. While data recoveries are dependent on the size of the database we currently estimate that it would take no more than 20 minutes to recover all of our data in full.

The back-up process

The backup process is automated within AWS and consists of continuous log backups allowing for point in time recovery plus daily snapshots.

The back-up failure process

AWS continuously monitor the backup process and notify FreightDesk Technology team if there is a failure. At the time of failure, AWS notify users of a timeline to fix the failure.