Daily Report

This report lists all non-completed consignments which have an open exception and/or which are overdue.

Exceptions summary report

This report lists all consignments that have had exceptions raised by the carrier including: delivery address closed exceptions; card left exceptions and so on. 

The shipments on the delivery exceptions report are a subset of the Daily Report.

No Carrier Scans Received report

This report lists all consignments without any carrier scans.

Running this report shortly after closing a manifest, and before the driver/depot scans have occurred will result in a large number of consignments being listed.

VIP Shipments

This report lists all of the consignments that are:

  • In Transit (i.e. have not been picked up or delivered) and
  • Have been flagged for VIP pickup or VIP delivery or
  • Have been booked on a Time Sensitive, Next Flight or Project Freight service