Most global carriers will not allow users to generate labels if the basic address details are not correct. By default, FreightDesk will not allow bookings to be processed when the postcode and suburb do not match the relevant country post database.

FreightDesk does provide the option to override this control however. Here are the instructions for fixing incorrect address details where you have elected to override this control.

Step by step instructions

1. Navigate to Manage Bookings screen

2. If there are any shipments that cannot be processed due to incorrect address details, you will see the "Invalid Locations" filter button (screenshot below)

3. Click the Invalid Locations filter

4. Click anywhere on the shipment row to view the specific job details

5. In the job details screen, click on the address field that to be corrected, and a popup will appear (screenshot below)

6. Edit the address details as necessary and click the check/tick button

7. Click the Update Job button

8. Labels will be produced and shipment sent to the carrier