When you are integrating with our APIs for getting quotes and making bookings you can get requests that fail for various reasons. Whilst we attempt to return meaningful error responses in these situations it can also be useful to have a central place to see all failed requests. This is especially useful if you are integrating via another software platform that does not provide easy access to API responses.

Accessing failed API requests

You are able to view all failed API requests within FreightDesk by clicking the "Failed API Requests" menu item in the sidebar. A screen will then load showing all your failed requests with the most recent at the top.

You can filter the requests using the fields above the listing - the search takes place as soon as you "tab" out of the field. The search fields for reference, origin and destination are all "wildcard" searches which will find requests with the text you entered anywhere in the relevant field. The reference search is across all three reference fields.

The date fields allow you specify a start and/or end date for the requests and you can choose whether to search in your own timezone or UTC.

Finally, the button on the right hand end will open the full request and response.

Getting further help

If you are unable to resolve why a request is failing we encourage you to consult our API documentation or to get in touch via