Have we missed a pickup? Is your shipment delayed?

We provide functionality to raise a shipment exception for our attention. These exceptions are logged and sent into our operational queues so that they can be investigated and resolved.

Viewing exceptions

On the Manage Bookings screen you can see the total number of bookings where there is an unresolved exception:

As with all the statistics at the top of the screen you can click the number to filter the list of bookings to the ones with an unresolved exception.

Each booking with an unresolved exception will also have an "exceptions" button displayed:

By clicking this button you will be able to see full details of the exception. Note that it is possible for a single booking to have multiple unresolved exceptions at one time.

To create an exception

1. Navigate to the Manage Bookings screen and click on the booking you wish to add an exception to.

2. The booking will open on a new tab.  Click the "Exception" button.

3. Enter the exception details.

4. In order to help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible please provide as much detail as you can. Click "Add Exception" to log the request.

Resolving an exception

If the issue you raised has been resolved and no further action is required, please resolve it by clicking the highlighted button next to the exception: