By default FreightExchange does not accept deliveries going to Australia PO Boxes. This is mainly due to most carriers not accepting such deliveries. In fact only Australia Post and Startrack will make deliveries to PO Boxes.

However for customers who have their own Australia Post or Startrack accounts we can configure the system to accept deliveries to PO Boxes should the customer need this.

Feature Availability

At this time PO Box deliveries are only accepted via our quoting and booking APIs. It is not possible to make a booking for a PO Box delivery via the web application.

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How we identify PO Box deliveries

We identify PO deliveries in the following ways:

  1. By setting the destinationPoBox flag in the Quote/Booking API request to true. 
  2. If the address contains one of the text like "PO BOX,POST OFFICE BOX,P.O. BOX,PO. BOX" as defined in our matching rules.

These are the only ways we'll identify a PO Box delivery. If you send a standard address, with a postcode that only accepts PO Box addresses, the shipment will be rejected.

It is important to note that setting destinationPoBox to true will mean that the system treats the address as being a PO Box regardless of the actual address details.

PO Box postcodes

In Australia some suburbs have post codes that are specifically for PO Boxes. Normally these are rejected by our validation, however if the delivery is to a PO Box then these post codes will be accepted.

Allocating shipments to a carrier

  1. If you wish to deliver to PO Boxes, you will also need a carrier account who delivers to PO Boxes. At present, in Australia, only Australia Post and Startrack will delivery to PO Boxes. Please be aware that a surcharge may apply for such deliveries.
  2. If we determine the delivery is to a PO Box, and the carrier you have selected will not deliver to PO Boxes, we will automatically override the carrier selection rules and allocate to an appropriate carrier.
  3. Should you have no carriers setup on your account that accept PO Box deliveries and attempt to make a booking to a PO Box it will be rejected.

Setting up shippers to send items to PO Boxes

The following steps must be completed in order to allow a shipper to make bookings to PO Box destinations. Remember that shippers must have their own carrier accounts to use this functionality and must make bookings via our APIs.

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure the customer's Australia Post and/or Startrack account is created and configured in the system. Ideally you should have confirmed that bookings are being made successfully.
  2. In the Rate Management screen load the relevant carrier.
  3. Click the "Edit carrier" button at the top of the screen.
  4. Tick the "Accept bookings for shipments to P.O. Boxes" checkbox then save the record.

If the carrier in question charges a surcharge for PO Box deliveries please notify the tech team to add this to the system.

Please note that changes to this setting are logged. It is essential that this setting is only enabled for carriers who can deliver to PO Boxes.

Note that this functionality interacts with carrier selection rules so if the shipper also uses those rules you should consult the Tech team for further assistance.