1. Company Level Permissions

Companies can assign the following levels of access permissions to users:

  • One Primary User
  • Multiple Admin Users
  • Multiple Non-Admin Users

2. Module Level Permissions

Users and companies can subscribe to the following FreightDesk modules:

  • Domestic Freight
  • International Couriers
  • Domestic Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Dispatch
  • Load Planning
  • Transport Planning
  • Invoice Reconciliation

3. Configuring Permissions

Users can be managed within the My Company Details menu item (screenshot below). 

Detailed Information on Company & Module Level User Permissions

1. Company Level Permissions

Companies need to be subscribed to a particular module before they can allocate user permissions to that module.

a) The Primary User

Every company is allocated a single Primary User. This user is the only company user who can add and delete modules, or edit Admin users.

b) Admin Users

There can be multiple admin users within a company and these can be allocated by the primary user. Admin users can:

  • Access all modules
  • See all freight costs (sales and costs)
  • View & pay invoices
  • Book freight
  • Manage users
  • Access the My Company menu functions
  • Access the Invoice Reconciliation menu functions

2. Module Level Permissions

The following User Permissions can be set either for the whole module or to any specific function in that module:

  • View Carrier Prices
  • View Sales Prices
  • View Different Modules

Viewing both and for all modules are by default enabled for all the users.

If you want to restrict  users from viewing either carrier price or sales prices for a quote, in all modules (i.e. quick quote, internal quote, dispatch module, TP module etc) then you should add a "DENY" permission for that user.

When a user has "DENY" permission for All Modules for Carrier Prices, the user will not be able to see any carrier prices in any of the modules. The user will just see Sales Prices for any quotes he make.

Similarly when a user has "DENY" permission for All Modules for Sales, the user will not be able to see any sales prices, only carrier cost prices.

If a user has "DENY" permission for both Sales Price and Carrier Price, the user will not be able to see any prices at all.