Getting Started

Before you get started, it's best to first decide if you need to use manifests at all. Generally, if you're an infrequent shipper, there is no need to use manifests and they will be provided with each and every shipment upon booking.

If you are certain manifests are required in your business be sure to switch on the  Manifest function in the My Company Details screen.

If you have manifests switched on, and you don't have a regular pickup, pickups will be booked when you close the manifest.

When are manifests created

Manifests are created for each unique:

  • Shipment creation date
  • Carrier
  • Pickup street, suburb and postcode combination

How to use the Manifests screens

  1. Once booking is confirmed, the booking will appear in Manifest screen as an Open Manifest
  2. Click Details button to view and edit manifest
  3. Add or remove shipments from manifest in the pop up window.
  4. Once ready, click send button to close manifest and complete record of dispatch.