Step by step instructions

        1. Navigate to the Rate Management menu option

        2. Navigate to "Courier" drop down section (screenshot below)

        3. Select "Services, zones and rates"  (screenshot below)

View carrier services

        1. In the Carrier text box, type the name of the carrier name or the Carrier ID (in the screenshot below)

        2. Select the Carrier from the drop down menu

View & edit services such as taillift/tailgate services

            1. Click on the "Service" you wish to view or edit

            2. Click the "pencil"  button to view and edit the the service information (screenshot below)

            3. Edit the service details as required and click "Save" to exit.

View service rates

        1. Click the sign to view the rates (screenshot below)

Edit service rates

        1. Click the "pencil"  button to view the rates (screenshot below)

        2. Edit or review the rates as required

        3. Click the "Save" button

View & edit zones

        1. Click the "world map" icon to view the zones (screenshot below)

        2. Click on the zones to view the specific postcodes included

        3. Click the "Save" button

        4. Click the  button as required to edit the zones

How to download the "courier rate excel sheet upload"

        1. Click the "Uploaded rates" button

        2. Click the download icon to view the actual excel sheet that we have uploaded


How to check if there are issues with your rates & zones.

FreightExchange offers a variety of tools and screens to identify any potential issues in your rates. Some ideas 

1. Check any zones with a red check mark in the destination column. The system will NOT allow any bookings to any lanes (called Name on the screen) where a red check mark appears in the Origin (Ori) or Destination (Dst).

How to process a % price increase

1. Navigate to the carrier and service you need to change

2. Click the $ button to view the rates

3. Click the three lines to reveal the Bulk rate update popup

4. Make the bulk changes required and click "Apply changes"