How to reconcile consignments / orders manually 

Step by Step Guide

  1. All of the jobs for the carrier will automatically display on the screen
  2. Use the search bars and filters to find the order / consignment you wish to reconcile
  3. If the Expected Costs equal the amount on the invoice, you can click the green check button to reconcile that job.
  4. If there is a discrepancy, enter the invoiced amount and click the orange > button to dispute/accept/write off/accrue or OK the charges
  5. When all the consignments / orders on the invoice have been actioned, you can send the reconciled invoice to your ERP by clicking either of the "Mark invoice as complete" or "New invoice for this supplier" buttons.

Video Guide


Q: I'm not able to finish reconciling an invoice till later. How do I save my work and come back to it?

A: Invoices are automatically saved at each step. If you wish to complete the reconciliation later, simply close the page. The invoice can be accessed via the My Reconciliation menu screen at any time in the future.