If you are not able to wait for your driver to pickup or deliver your goods you can:

  1. Arrange pick-up/delivery locations where you know someone will be present during business hours of 9am-5pm. For example, an office or business address.
  2. When booking the freight, request that you drop off/collection of the items into a nearby depot.
  3. Unattended Pickups: For small shipments less than 30kg and 100cm long, you can print the barcoded labels and sign the Consignment Note and leave the items somewhere safe for the driver to collect.
  4. Unattended Deliveries: When booking the freight, for shipments less than 30kg and 100cm long, you can provide "Authority To Leave" so the driver can leave the goods without a signature.

Q: I requested a specific pickup time, will my driver arrive then?
A: We always provide your pick-up and delivery instructions to the carrier. However, most carriers have fixed driving routes, and only provide a pickup/deliver window between 9am-5pm.

Q: Will my driver call on approach?
A: For safety reason, carriers do not usually provide a call on approach

Q: Is my pickup / delivery date guaranteed?
A: Due to weather, traffic and other issues, the pick up and delivery dates can change. Pick-up and delivery dates are not guaranteed.