The following fees will be applied to your freight.

A. Manual Handling Fees

Manual handling charges apply to shipments of wines, glass, liquids, and fragile items that are NOT on pallets.

Commodities which includes the following descriptions will incur charges:

  • Fragile
  • Glass
  • Liquids
  • Furniture

Manual handling fees vary by carrier and currently are they are not included in our automated quotes online. 

So when booking a shipment that is fragile/furniture, make sure a fragile/furniture information is added on the item's description. 

We only accept flat packed furniture for shipping. All items must be very carefully packaged to prevent damage in transit. 

B. Tail Lift Fees

For tail lift services, freight must be palletised. For any freight longer than 100cm and/or heavier than 30kgs, freight must be palletised and make sure to select the option “YES” when generating a quote. Tail Lift fee shall be included in the quote amount. 

C. Manual Consignment Note Fees

If you're unable to print the shipping documents, you may include in your special pick up instructions that you would like a manual connote. 

Additional fee for manual connote is $15 excluding GST. 

D. Dangerous Goods

When booking Dangerous Goods, please make sure to use our new quote form

The DG option should be seen on the right side when entering information about the dimensions for the shipment.

Applicable DG fees apply when booking and is included in your online quote. 

E. Redirection Fees

If delivery address provided was incorrect, and consignment is already in transit, we need to check with the carrier the current location of the freight. 

Once determined, online quote can be generated to obtain the redirection fee (from the current location of the consignment to the new delivery address.)

Alternatively, you may contact the carrier to obtain the cost of redirection.