Click + Schedule Transport to schedule a truck

Fill out the transport details

Complete the Details accordingly and click “Save Transport”

The scheduled transport should now appear here. Refresh if not visible immediately.

Now you can start to add shipments to the scheduled transport by dragging the shipment across the page.

NB: Once shipment has been dragged to Scheduled Transport, it will not appear in list of shipments on Transport Planning page anymore.

NB: Search for shipments using the reference entered at the time of booking.

Click this button for drop down menu if you want to edit anything or want to finalise the scheduled transport.


  1. Make a booking via standard or internal quote form.
  2. Once booking is confirmed, the booking will appear in Manifest screen as Open Manifests.

NB: Any shipments with the same pick up address will be consolidated into 1 manifest. 

3. Click Details button to view and edit manifest

4. Add or remove shipments from manifest in the pop up window.

5. Once ready, click send button to close manifest and complete record of dispatch.