Large freight items generally cannot travel on air freight or air overnight services.

Some commercial carriers offer an Overnight Service.  This overnight door-to-door delivery service expects your shipment to arrive by 5pm on the next business day to locations Australia-wide, however, transit times may still vary to some remote regional locations due to transit schedule availability.

However, since these mostly utilizes the fastest delivery solutions including road and air transfers, the following size and weight limitations apply for overnight service:

• freight dimensions need to be less than 100 cm

• weight should be less than 30 kgs

Kindly note that if any of the freight dimensions or its weight exceeds the above-mentioned conditions, the freight will be traveling via carriers specified transit schedules on road transport instead.  If freight is non-urgent and/or the customer agrees, the chosen service can be downgraded, and the difference on the costs between the overnight and the road service will be refunded from what has been paid prior book-in.