We generate labels automatically for all Trusted Shippers. Here's how to become a member of the club.

After your 5th shipment, if you are a Trusted Shipper, you will receive your labels automatically upon booking.

If you are not a Trusted Shipper, we will manually review your booking and request further information if necessary. If everything is fine, we will issue your labels.

How to be a Trusted Shipper

If we have received several jobs from you for the past month, we highly recommend you to follow our guidelines on how to become a trusted FreightExchange shipper.

1. Declare Your Freight Accurately

Billing issues can be prevented if you declare the dimensions and weights of your packaged freight correctly. You need to declare the correct L x W x H in centimetres and that includes the packaging (box, carton, pallet, crate).

2. Book A Tailgate

Book a tailgate pickup and delivery for all items > 30kgs where there is no forklift at pickup and delivery.

3. Declare Fragile Freight

Liquids and other fragile freight must be  booked and packaged correctly for transit.

4. Declare Addresses Correctly

Commercial = Shops, Warehouses, Factories, Offices, Hotels or similar.
Residential = Houses, Apartments, Units or Holiday Homes.

We do not deliver to PO Boxes.

5. Inventory Lists & SKUs

We can upload your inventory or SKU list so that your team are always declaring the correct weights and dimensions for all of our freight.