Instructions on preparing machinery and equipment for transport.

Machinery and equipment, whether new or used, is not cheap.

Why skimp on packaging and increase the chance of your freight being damaged in transit?

If your goods are deemed unfit for transit, your transport provider can refuse to ship your goods, resulting in wasted time and futile fees.  

Please follow the checklist below when preparing and packaging your machinery & equipment for shipping:

1. Drain all liquids, including water

This protects not only your engine, but also other freight around it from possible leakage.  

Please note that the carriers will not pick up an engine that still has fluid in it.

2. Secure sturdily to a skid, pallet or inside a crate

All machinery & equipment should be secured carefully to a skid or pallet so that it can be loaded and unloaded using a forklift.

Engines pose a risk of damage to other freight if they come loose while in transit. If possible, you should package these items in a crate. If this is not possible, then the equipment must be covered and all sharp edges protected with cardboard & bubble wrap.

3. Wrap and cover securely

Wrap your palletised freight tightly to prevent load shifting while in transit. This also prevents scratches, damage or breakage not only on your item but other freight it will be traveling with.